Your Profit Sweetspot Inner Circle membership offers even more sweet treats for you!

So what exactly are candies, how do you earn them, and how do they work?
Candies are part of the “points system” that allows you to unlock courses, redeem bonuses, get 1-1 critiques from me, and much more.

You can earn candies in a number of different ways:

Activity Candies Earned How Often
Complete Your Profile x 50 Once upon initial sign up
Introduce yourself to the group x 50 Once upon initial sign up
Complete a course x 50 In as many course as you unlock
Buy Candies Outright x 50 increments $50 = x 50

As a Profit Sweetspot Inner Circle member in good standing, you’ll start to accumulate 50 candies on a monthly basis, too.

Your candies don’t expire either, so if you want to bank your candies to save toward one of our “special events” where I’ll be doing 1 on 1 website or sales page critiques, you’re welcome to do that.

We hope you enjoy the new candies-system and that it helps you keep track of the training you most want to implement!

To wildly delicious profits,

Candies FAQ

When do I get my candies each month?
You’ll receive 50 new candies each month, based on the time you signed up. So if you became a Profit Sweetspot Inner Circle member on the 5th of the month, you’ll receive your 50 candies the next month on the 5th.


What happens if I cancel my Profit Sweetspot Inner Circle membership?
If you decide to cancel your Profit Sweetspot Inner Circle member ship, you will keep your balance of candies, but you will not be able to use your candies to redeem any courses or other perks. You also won’t be able to earn new candies through our accountability center. In essence, your account will be put on hold. You’ll keep your access to courses that you’ve unlocked, but you won’t be able to make use of the candies on your account unless you re-activate your Profit Sweetspot Inner Circle member ship.