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Get the insider secrets we use to find ad images that practically leap off the page into the hearts and minds of your ideal clients.

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The 9 Ingredients of a Perfect Facebook Ad

The Yes Question

Open with a sentence that your ideal client and only your ideal client will answer “YES” to.

Rapport Builder

Connect to your audience, followed by the Mindset Shift.

Irresistible Freebie Positioning

The perfectly positioned peek at your highly-valuable gift.

Time Limiter

Create tension to act with words like “Now”.

Call to Action

Clear and concise instructions on what to do next.

Code URL

Code URL to get the click.

Scroll-Breaker Image

Get the “lean-in” from your tribe.

Headline Clincher

Free claim, irresistible offer name, and a big benefit statement.

Cliff Hanger Big Benefit

Leave them wanting more!

Keep this template beside you as you create future ads as a reminder of the principles of the Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Ad Masterclass.

Perfect Facebook Ad Examples…