Is your free opt-in gift IRRESISTIBLE to your ideal clients?

AND does it attract your dream clients who start emailing you to see how they can work with you before you ever make them an offer?

Irresistible Freebie Formula

Include these must-have elements to create an Irresistible Freebie that leads to sales

Irresistible Freebie Checklist

Choose a Freebie Outcome That Leads to Sales

If you’re like most entrepreneurs the answer is a luke-warm “not-quite”!.

In fact most people don’t understand the connection between their opt-in gift and how their offer sells but if you have the RIGHT Irresistible Freebie you’ll attract way more PAYING clients.

In this session you’ll learn the secrets to creating an IRRESISTIBLE FREEBIE that has your audience clamoring to give you their email addresses and not just any audience but an audience who will be excited to invest in your paid programs and services.

Here is the Fiverr resource we have used for YEARS to create our book covers!

 You likely want the “Standard” package which at the time of posting was $27.94 because it includes a 2D “flat” image to include in the download and a 3D version to use in ads or landing pages. Make sure you send her your favorite book covers after you purchase the gig as she will create something similar.

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